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UNILAG Post UTME Past Questions & Answers-Updated 2020

The University of Lagos is one of the top-notch federal universities in Nigeria. Considering the university capacity of standard facilities, great scholars of the school and its history over time. Also, knowing that the university is located in the commercial capital of the country. 

Therefore, many students apply for admission in UNILAG every year. But sadly enough, the admission rate of UNILAG is about 10%. For about over 90,000 applications received by the school every year, only about 9,000 students gets the opportunity to get the school’s admission. Thus, there is a tight competition required to secure admission into the school.

But we bring you good news, there is a clear thing you could do to be among the 10% that will be admitted by the school. You can aim to score very high at the UNILAG post UTME exam. So, you will be sure to get admission by merit. And to make this possible you need to study with the right material. That’s is why we have provided you with this study pack of UNILAG post UTME past question and answersThe past questions has been the success story behind many students that smashed their post UTME exam and are now smiling as the students of UNILAG.

So, while neglecting the very source that has made many students smile over the years in smashing their UNILAG post UTME exam. Yes, you need to deeply prepare for the UNILAG Post UTME well if you must excel, but studying with the right materials will ease you a lot of difficulty. Carefully read through this page to see why we recommend the UNILAG Post UTME past question and also get to secure one for yourself to start studying on time.

A lot of testimonies have been given about the UNILAG post UTME past questions and answers study pack. When we had interrogated one of the just matriculated students earlier on how he did come this far, guess his reply; He said “I owe my success to the UNILAG post UTME past questions I studied. Entering the exam hall, I was expecting a mighty blow of questions, but most of the questions I saw were all familiar and follow similar patterns from the study pack I used”.

What does this tell you, the UNILAG Post UTME exam follow repetitive pattern from previous records of the exam? So why wander about on what to study, than just the UNILAG post UTME past questions and answers. We have provided you with it here and will direct you on how to get it.

You may be asking what is so special about the study pack we provide here, just know that we have solved the whole past questions dated back to 2010. And all answers provided therein gives you backup on how the answers were rightfully determined. Thus, we would also be exposing you to the kind of experience you will get to see at the UNILAG exam hall. So carefully read this post.

How Can I be Eligible to Apply for the UNILAG Post UTME

Post UTME or sometimes called Post JAMB because it is the next exam to be written by students seeking for admission in most Nigeria federal and state Universities. Therefore, to qualify to enter for the exam, you must have met the following criteria;

  • You must sit for JAMB and be sure to have a score above 180 in your JAMB result.
  • You must have made UNILAG your first choice of institution during your JAMB application.
  • Thus, after this, you can watch out for the release of the UNILAG Post UTME form to register for it.

What to Expect in UNILAG Post UTME Exam?

We are about to expose you to what you will get to meet when you get to UNILAG for the post UTME exam. First and foremost it will interest you to know that the UNILAG Post UTME exam is a computer-based test. Hence, you’d have to get prior knowledge of writing CBT exams. Of course you must have experienced that during your JAMB. 

  • UNILAG post UTME exam comprises of 20 English questions, 20 Maths questions, and 10 general questions. Making a total of 50 questions
  • You will be allotted 30 minutes to seat for the exam. 
  • The exam will be scored a total of 100.

Why You Cannot do Without Obtaining the UNILAG Post UTME Past Question?

There are a plethora of reasons why you don’t have a choice than to get a UNILAG post UTME past questions and answers. That is if you duly want to excel in the upcoming UNILAG post UTME exam.

Knowing that the University of Lagos is a very competitive school to get into, the students will need to prepare extensively. And to this you need to study anything and everything. But, save yourself time, you need to study the right material. And the big little secret here is that the school usually repeats their post UTME exam questions so this will save you the stress of; what do I read so I could beat the competition.

Hence, getting the past question on time we help you practice better and faster. And you will easily get accustomed to the kind of questions set by the school. Also, knowing that the time allotted for the exam is short (30 mins) you will have the chance to practice good time management with the past questions.

Also, we have provided the past questions dated back to a decade now, and all the answer provided therein have good backups to help you understand them better.

Also getting the past questions is a great opportunity for you to connect with us and get the chance to get our directives on best tips and approaches to take till you get admitted. You will get exclusive access to ask us any question that you can’t handle and get feedback ASAP.

How to Get the UNILAG Post UTME Past Question and Answer?

Our UNILAG post UTME past question and answers study pack will cost you N1,000 only. This is irrespective of your subject combination. To get your copy kindly follow the step below;

STEP 1: Choose Your Subject Combination

You are required to provide us with the course you applied for during JAMB, so as to determine the perfect question combination kits for you. Although, everyone will answer, Maths, English and Current Affairs, but the past questions varies with respect to your chosen course of study.

Therefore, you will have to provide us with your choice of study during payment confirmation.

STEP 2: Choose Your Payment Method

Currently, we have two easy methods of paying for our original UNILAG Post UTME past questions and answers namely;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Direct Bank Deposit

For any of the payment method you decide to use, you will be making payment to the account details below;

Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 3034768308
Bank Name: First Bank Plc
Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 2067997846
Bank Name: UBA
Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 2942741011
Bank Name: FCMB

STEP 3: The Confirmation of Payment

After making your payment, you will need to confirm your payment with us to get your copy of the pas question.

Therefore, if you made payment via Bank Transfer, you will need to type in the description of payment

 “The Type of UNILAG Post UTME Past Question you’re purchasing.” For example;

“UNILAG Medicine & Surgery Past Question.” Then contact the number or email address below with evidence of payment and you will get your Past Question instantly.

Also, if you made payment via Direct Bank Deposit, you will need to send the following information below to the phone number or email highlighted below;

  • Depositors Name
  • Teller Number
  • Amount Paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 07068304460


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