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UNN Post UTME Past Questions & Answers-Updated 2020

Dreams of most applicants of the University of Nigeria Nsukka is to appear on the merit list of the institution. But, imagine how disheartened you will feel if you lose your chance of getting admission even with your high JAMB result. Due to a poor score in the UNN post UTME exam. Of course, you should be aware that you must undergo the UNN post UTME exam before you can stand a chance to be considered for admission in the great institution. The screening test questions are not as difficult as it sounds, still many students find it difficult to smash due to improper preparation.

However, with the UNN post UTME past questions and answers, you will be rest assured to have 90% chance to scoring very high in your exam. This is because, the school follow same regular pattern of questions every year and this study pack will expose them to you.

Do not neglect this opportunity to secure your own UNN post-UTME past question and start studying on time. Remember, it was not raining when Noah built the ark. So to get your own copy, follow instructions on the notification box below. Please do indicate your intended course to get the right combination.

Pay the sum of one thousand Naira into this bank detail to get a copy of UNN Post UTME Past Questions. Then send your transaction details to the contact details below;

Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 3034768308
Bank Name: First Bank Plc
CONTACT DETAILS: 07068304460

Many students say that UNN is a difficult school to get into, but it’s false. The University of Nigeria Nsukka only does its quota to ensure that they only admit the students who beat the crowd. This is because they receive tons of applications every year. But, most students lack proper guidance, exposure and preparation to scale through. That is why we urge you to read this article to the end. Vital information that will make you a success in the exam are disclosed herein.

Why Must I Write The UNN Post UTME Exam?

The UNN post UTME exam is one of the determining factor if you will actually admitted into the institution. Post UTME otherwise called post Jamb is so because it is an exam written after JAMB. It is the way the University of Nigerian Nsukka further screens the tons of students applications they received from Jamb. So as to ensure they grant the best students admission. Hence, over 80% of admission granted by the school is based on merit. Therefore, to be eligible to sit for the UNN post UTME exam, you must have;

  • You must have sat for the JAMB exam and scored the minimum of 180
  • Also, you must have applied UNN as your first choice institution during your Jamb registration.
  • Then, you will wait for the announcement of the UNN Post UTME screening application form release.

What to Expect in UNN Post UTME Exam?

Every exam has its form and structure, and having this knowledge will boost your confidence on the exam day. So it will be quite helpful to you getting to know what you’re to expect in the upcoming UNN post UTME exam.

  • You must know that the UNN Post UTME exam is a computer-based test. Therefore, to sit for the exam, you are supposed to have a prior knowledge of writing a CBT exam, which of course you must have encountered while writing JAMB
  • On the exam day, you will be required to bring alongside with you, your JAMB result/registration slip and also your UNN post UTME registration slip. These would be used as a gate pass into the exam hall.
  • You will be expected to answer a total of 60 questions. Though, it will be scored over 100
  • An hour will be allotted for the exam
  • The questions will be derived from the subject combination you wrote in JAMB.

Why You Cannot do Without Obtaining the UNN Post UTME Past Question?

UNN is a very competitive school in all dealings as an institution. So getting admission in the university is tough. For out of over 80,000 application they receive each year, only about approximately 5,000 students get admitted.

Now, 90% of the admitted students will say they owe their success story to carefully studying the UNN Post UTME Past Questions. Therefore, to stand a good chance of being admitted to the school, get your own copy of the past question now.

We discovered that over the years, UNN has followed a regular pattern of questions, and always repeats their past questions. Hence, if you get this Past Questions and Answers, you will be well equipped to pass the UNN Post-UTME in one sitting. Thus, be among those selected for admission.

Getting the past question on time will help you practice well and learn to beat time. You will be able to finish your exam before the 1hr elapses.

In addition, when you constantly study the questions, you will be accustomed to the nature of questions been thrown.

Furthermore getting the UNN post UTME past questions and answers from us gives you exclusive access to be close to our team and ask us any question at any time. And we would also support you through till you are granted admission in the great University of Nigeria.

How to Get the UNN Post UTME Past Question and Answer?

The UNN post UTME past question and answers study pack will cost you N1,000 only. This is irrespective of your subject combination. To get your copy kindly follow the step below;

STEP 1: Choose Your Subject Combination

You are required to provide us with the course you applied for during JAMB. This is so as to determine the perfect question combination kits for you. This is because, you will be asked questions based on your subject choices during your JAMB.

Therefore, you will have to provide us with your choice of study during payment confirmation.

STEP 2: Choose Your Payment Method

Currently, we have two easy methods of paying for our original UNN Post UTME past questions and answers namely;

  • Bank Transfer
  • Direct Bank Deposit

For any of the payment method you decide to use, you will be making payment to the account details below;

Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 3034768308
Bank Name: First Bank Plc
Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 2067997846
Bank Name: UBA
Account Name: Okpalanwankwo Obiora I.
Account Number: 2942741011
Bank Name: FCMB

STEP 3: The Confirmation of Payment

After making your payment, you will need to confirm your payment with us to get your copy of the pas question.

Therefore, if you made payment via Bank Transfer, you will need to type in the description of payment

 “The Type of UNN Post UTME Past Question you’re purchasing.” For example;

“UNN Law Past Question.” Then contact the number or email address below with evidence of payment and you will get your Past Question instantly.

Also, if you made payment via Direct Bank Deposit, you will need to send the following information below to the phone number or email highlighted below;

  • Depositors Name
  • Teller Number
  • Amount Paid

CONTACT DETAILS: 07068304460


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